Google Knowledge Panel is a box that appears on the right side of the search results page (SERP) for certain entities, such as people, places, things, and organizations. It provides users with a concise overview of the entity, including its name, description, key facts, and links to relevant websites.

Knowledge Panels are generated by Google's Knowledge Graph, which is a database of information about the world. Google uses a variety of sources to populate the Knowledge Graph, including Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other authoritative websites.

Google Knowledge Panels can be a valuable tool for businesses and individuals to improve their online visibility and reach a wider audience. When people search for your business or name on Google, they will be more likely to click on your Knowledge Panel if it is informative and engaging.

To use Google Knowledge Panel for better online visibility, you can:

Who can have results visible in Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge Panels can appear for a wide range of entities, including:

To be eligible for a Knowledge Panel, an entity must be well-known and have a significant presence on the web. Google uses a variety of factors to determine whether an entity is eligible for a Knowledge Panel, including the number of websites that mention the entity, the quality of those websites, and the diversity of information available about the entity.

If you believe that your business or organization should have a Knowledge Panel, you can submit a suggestion to Google. However, Google is not obligated to create a Knowledge Panel for every entity that is suggested.