SEO Data Engineer

Job Description


The SEO Data Engineer is responsible for collecting, cleaning, and transforming data into insights that can be used to improve the SEO performance of a website. They work closely with SEO analysts and other stakeholders to identify and prioritize data needs, develop and implement data solutions, and measure the impact of their work.


Day in a Life of an SEO Data Engineer

8:00 AM: Start the day by checking emails and Slack messages.

8:30 AM: Meet with the SEO team to discuss the priorities for the day.

9:00 AM: Work on developing a data pipeline to collect keyword ranking data from Google Search Console.

10:00 AM: Clean and transform keyword ranking data into a format that can be analyzed.

11:00 AM: Build a data model to represent keyword ranking data.

12:00 PM: Lunch break!

1:00 PM: Develop an analysis script to identify trends in keyword rankings.

2:00 PM: Execute the analysis script and review the results.

3:00 PM: Meet with the SEO team to discuss the results of the analysis.

4:00 PM: Document the data pipeline, data model, and analysis script.

5:00 PM: Wrap up for the day and check emails.






SEO Data Engineers are in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on data to drive their SEO efforts. If you are a data-driven individual with a passion for SEO, this is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity.